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Tv Installer in Thousand Oaks, CA

Looking for a TV installation firm?

Our experts are skilled with all types of televisions, including LCDs. LEDs. OLEDs. We also install projectors. You can also count upon us to provide the best in AV for commercial spaces or events.

Reach out to one of the friendly representatives on this website today to make an appointment. Give us a shout! We would love for you to reach us.

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How can we serve you?
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man installing wall brackets for tv

Basic TV Installation

Our technicians can help you install basic TVs at a very affordable price. Contact us today for assistance!
two men installing wall mounted flat screen tv and speakers

Home Theater

Are you interested in setting up a theater in your own home? Get in touch today with our professionals to learn more!
large home theater with projector and leather chairs

Projector Installation

Now that you have the projector set up, it’s now time to install your screen. You can mount screens wherever you wish!
conference room with large screen for presentations

Commercial TV Installation

Why not use a trusted, professional service to install your TV at work? We’ll make sure you’re happy with what we do.

Although TV installation might sound simple, it can be difficult for those who don’t have the appropriate knowledge and skills. You can rest assured that everything will be done smoothly when you have us do your TV installer with real professionals and top-quality skills. We have been doing this job so long, that no challenge is too difficult. Call us to make sure everything is organized and clean - something every customer would appreciate from an expert.

Many people are unable to correctly install TVs or damage their home decor. Experts who know the ropes will help you install your TV professionally. Let us assist you now if it’s necessary. Because that’s what we do, our satisfaction rate will be the best among other companies in the town.

Our basic TV installation service is included, but we also offer many other services. We offer projector installation, home theater and smart-home setup, as well commercial TV and audiovisual installations.

Don’t worry too much about your TV setup! Our professional team will have your TV set up and ready to watch the big game.

We have an excellent reputation for being reliable, punctual, and reliable. This is why customers continue to recommend us when they require high-quality TV installation that will last them many years.


Thousand Oaks Tv Installers did an amazing job with my home theater installation. They were able to preserve the decor of my living room while also installing a beautiful new system. I would definitely recommend their services!
Christine H.
Thousand Oaks Tv Installers is great to work with. They were able to install my new 60 inch TV on a wall mount and get it working perfectly within the time frame that they gave me. The whole experience was very professional.
Sylvia C.
Thousand Oaks Tv Installers did some TV installations in my office building about 6 months ago and they do an amazing job! Anytime I have had issues with programming any of the TVs, Thousand Oaks Tv Installers is on the phone immediately to help me. I love doing business with them.
Doris W.

Basic TV Installation

Our company guarantees that you get basic television installation done right. We understand that basic installation can help you avoid having to have your TV repaired more frequently. This is why we have trained and insured experts to do a high quality tv install for you. With these services, you don’t have to worry if basic tv installation causes any damage. We can help you install basic TV in no time and with less effort. You don’t have to wait any longer! Give us a shout and we will get you basic tv installed right away.We can help! Our skilled technicians are qualified and have been providing services for years. For a free quote, contact us today and we will give you the help that you need.

Home Theater

The process of choosing the right home theatre installation for your home can be complex, especially if there are special requirements. Home theater experts are always available to assist you. You might not want the hassle and headaches of installing home theaters yourself, or you’re not sure which type of home theater is right for your home. Hiring a home theater installer is a better option. Our company offers several packages to suit all budgets. So, whether you’re simply looking for speakers to go along with your TV or are interested in an elaborate system complete with movie screens and high-end surround sound, we’re ready to help!We place customer service at the top of our list. Our home theater experts are available 24 hours a days to answer your questions. Our technicians will provide you with a free quote and work with all of you to ensure that your home theater is installed smoothly.

Projector Installation

Projector installations are a specialist service that projector experts offer. There are many things you need to take into consideration before buying or installing a new projector. These include the type, manufacturer, screen size, mounting options, and control options such as wired or wireless remote control, model compatibility with existing equipment, etc.To optimize the projector’s true purpose, it is essential to understand its intended use. A projector designed for use on a standard home computer might have different specs than one intended for large presentations that require data display using large CAD sheets. Once the customer has decided on their projector requirements, both projector specialists as well as projector installers will be able to assist them in making sure the projector performs at its maximum potential.We are a well-respected company for projector installation. Contact us today for a quote or estimate on projector install.

Commercial TV Installation

TV is an accessory for commercial and residential use, but it can’t be mounted on the walls until that point. Once that happens, television becomes art and an important focal point for your commercial property. It is therefore essential to have expert knowledge and precision-engineered Acoustic Mounts for commercial TV installations. We provide both for all commercial properties, including professional/medical offices, lobbies/waiting rooms, restaurants, bars, warehouses, and retail locations. Our services include:- Planning services available to accommodate TVs of any size (flat-panel TVs to 150inches and up). Labor & materials to mount televisions flush or recessed into wallsCall us today for commercial TV installation and flat-panel televisions in commercial properties. We can help you choose the appropriate commercial TV mounts, and provide expert planning services to make sure your commercial installation is a success.

Surround Sound Installation

Surround sound is becoming more common, and surround sound speakers get cheaper, but are better quality. It is critical to choose the right surround speaker for your home. For surround sound to be heard in certain rooms, you may need a specific surround speaker.Consider how many surround speakers you will need, and what size speakers you can fit into the space. For example, surround sound speaker should be placed on every wall if you have enough room for them. This will result in surround sound experiences similar to those found in movies like Lord of The Rings, Star Wars, and other films.When you choose a surround sound system, you have a lot of options. There are surround-sound speakers, surround receivers as well as surround amplifiers, processors, and amplifying devices. These surround sound system prices and quality will vary. We assist customers in selecting the right equipment as well as installing surround sound equipment. Our home surround system installation service can help you install surround sound equipment to maximize your surround audio experience.

Smart Home Setup

Imagine waking to a home where you have “woken up” The coffee is ready to go, the lights are slowly on, your alarm clock rings, an automated system reminds you of what clothes you should wear for today’s weather forecast, and the coffee pot starts brewing. Sounds like utopia? This is possible. Imagine being in control of all aspects and automation, including smart locks and smart thermostats.Have all of your innovative home products connected from one device! A hub or smart home controller is the ideal solution. There are many choices. Connect with major brands including Nest, GE, Philips Honeywell and many others. We will help to find the right product within your budget for what you need at home.Consider how much time this will cut you off every day. Not only can you work remotely, but it also means that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you return home after a long working day. We offer many services, including consultation and installation options. Get in touch with us now to learn more!

Commercial AV Installation

Imagine a world with commercial audiovisual installation. This will allow you to not only save money but also help the planet. Commercial audiovisual installation can make this possible.Commercial Audiovisual Installation and Environment: As commercial properties continue to expand, commercial audiovisual integration is becoming a top priority for commercial property developers. Suppose you are a commercial builder, architect, or real estate developer who needs a commercial audio visual installation for your retail space. Commercial audiovisual installation is a must before construction can begin. This will help to reduce costs and keep the earth we live on in good shape.The past 20 years have seen our commercial audio/visual installation team concentrate on the broadcast customer. That means that we have many years experience in commercial installations. We are experts in any type of commercial project.

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Are you not a huge fan or the phone? No worries! It’s easy to book an appointment by visiting our website or calling us. These are the steps you need to follow in order to schedule your TV mounting service.

Decide on the TV size and mount you prefer for best viewing. You should measure diagonally across the TV before buying a mount. This will help you determine what size mount will fit in your living or den. We have standard fixed, tilting down/up, and full motion swivel wall mounted options that can allow for different viewing angles when watching TV on flat screens.

Decide on where to put your TV and other services. What about the Internet? We can do it all. The professional installation team can help you decide where to place your TV and which wall mount will work best for you. We’ll even come and measure you to ensure that we can provide a space-saving solution that will be pleasing to all of our customers.

Book your Schedule. To confirm your TV install appointment, please select an available time slot. Please also provide your contact info. In the next few hours, the dispatcher or technician will reach you to schedule a time to install one of our TVs at your home.

Frequently asked questions
Mounting a TV takes no more than two hours. But it can take many days. It all depends on what kind of installation you are doing and the level of knowledge that your professional has. You might have different surfaces like brick walls. You might need to install tile floors or wood beams-blocking for extra support. But drywall installation will only take about an hour due to the design of the drywall and its screws.
Yes. We offer several types of professional installation services. Our services include TV Installation, Home Theater Installation, Smart Home Setup, Commercial TV and Audio Visual Installation, Surround Sound, Projector Installation, and more.
You can also send us a request via our website. You can email us or call us at our hotline number.
Set up a TV Installation Service at least two working days before the installation date. This allows our professionals to prepare your installation.
If you have any questions, our professionals will be happy to provide details about additional installation fees. We provide estimates, quotations and any other expenses to our clients.
If one of the professionals cancels your appointment, we will offer you a new schedule. We will rearrange the appointment for you.
It is better to call our installation team two days after you have received the TV. To be more secure, you may contact us earlier.
Yes, we offer a 10% discount for multiple TV installations.
The cost for your TV installation will vary depending upon where you are located and how many appliances need to be installed. We are happy to provide free estimates or quotations.
We also offer commercial television installations, commercial audiovisual services, as well as smart home setup.